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Iowa Land Auction Prices, September 29-October 5, 2017

Posted on October 9, 2017 at 11:54 AM by Jim Rothermich

Greetings! Fewer acres of land were auctioned this week as compared to last. 1,230 acres of land were offered, of which 1,086 acres were tillable. All tracts sold. There were a couple of tracts that did not meet expectations but were high enough that the sellers accepted. The land market continues to be very strong. Here are the highlights:

  • 267 acres sold in Fremont County- offered in two tracts:
    • 157 acres- $6,000/acre- 138 tillable acres- CSR2- 76
    • 110 acres- $6,150/acre- 96 tillable acres- CSR2- 73
  • 238 acres sold in Crawford County- $5,000/acre- 236 tillable acres- CSR2- 56
  • 144 acres sold in Appanoose County- $12,600/acre- 100 tillable acres- CSR2- 69
  • 40 acres sold in Clarke County- all pasture- lump sum- $283,000 (include dwelling-outbuildings)
  • 150 acres sold in Howard County- offered in two tracts:
    • 80 acres- $10,750/acre- 74 tillable acres- CSR2- 84
    • 70 acres- $9,450/acre- 69 tillable acres- CSR2- 87
  • 158 acres sold in Black Hawk County- $9,057/acre- 148 tillable acres- CSR2- 88
  • 233 acres sold in Buchanan County- offered in two tracts:    
    • 78 acres- $8,100/acre- 76 tillable acres- CSR2- 81
    • 155 acres- $6,450/acre- 149 tillable acres- CSR2- 75

Early yield reports are very good. I am hearing yields are not as good as last year but are exceeding expectations. Harvest is really just getting started. I will continue to give you updates on yield expectations.

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!” Please check back next week to see what the Iowa land market is doing.

Jim “the Land Talker”

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