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Iowa Land Auction Prices, March 10-16, 2017

Posted on March 20, 2017 at 1:15 PM by Jim Rothermich

Greetings!  Nearly the same acres of land were offered at auction this week compared to last week’s results.  1,411 acres were auctioned, of which 1,101 were tillable.  There were three no sales during the week, with only one farm being successfully negotiated after the auction. I would describe the land market as very stable.  Here are the highlights:

  • 77 acres sold in Black Hawk County- $5,300/acre- 75 tillable acres- CSR2- 55.0
  • 127 acres sold in Johnson County- offered in three tracts:
    • 40 acres sold in a lump sum of $460,000- all pasture (Included improvements)
    • 60 acres- $9,000/acre- 40 tillable acres- CSR2-69.0
    • 27 acres-  $7,100/acre- 23 tillable acres- CSR2- 63.0
  • 80 acres sold in Cerro Gordo County- 79 tillable acres- CSR2- 69.0
  • 240 acres sold in Palo Alto County- offered in two tracts:
    • 80 acres- $9,200/acre- 75 tillable acres- CSR2- 87.0
    • 160 acres- $9,000/acre- 154 tillable acres- CSR2- 87.0
  • 144 acres sold in Plymouth County- offered in two tracts:
    • 79 acres- $13,770/acre- all tillable- CSR2- 86.0
    • 65 acres- $13,260/acre- all tillable- CSR2- 84.0
  • 447 acres sold in Monona County- offered in two tracts:
    • 133 acres- $9,025/acre- 102 tillable acres- CSR2- 87.0
    • 314 acres- $3,000/acre- 120 tillable acres- CSR2- 79.0
  • 160 acres- “no sale” in Emmet County- 153 tillable acres- CSR2- 67.0
  • 136 acres- “no sale” in Woodbury County- all tillable- CSR2- 70.0 (Missouri River Bottom).

We had two true “no sales” this week.  We have not had a “no sale” in a long time, let alone two in one week.  I think the land market is still very stable.  And I think farms of lesser quality are getting discounted in this market, especially poorly drained farms.

“That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!”  Please check back next week to see what the Iowa land market is doing.

Jim “the Land Talker”

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